Kg.Lingka Bungan Satu

Kg Lingka Bungan Satu, Kota Marudu.

In 2012, FHIM further embarked on a project in remote village called Lingka Bungan Satu village in Kota Marudu where there is rural poverty. It is a small village of 140 people across 24 households. They lived on subsistence and depend on hunting, planting tapioca & hill padi. The most vulnerable groups among them are children of Dusun Kinaragan communities.

The causes of poverty are the lack of basic infrastructure, access to formal education and skills training.

FHIM have looked into the issues and had committed 7 years to assist and to improve the livelihood of the village people through Vision of the Community and Child Development Program.

After four years some transformation have taken place.

Water, Sanitation, Health and Hygiene

Villagers depend on gravity feed water, rain water and river water. A heavy duty water purifier was provided then for the villagers to obtain clean water. Clean water means better health and hygiene.


The villagers were encouraged to plant moringa and vegetables. Seeds were given to them.

Child Development Programme

We assisted the village children through sponsorship by individual, other NGOs and corporate through their CSR program.

A total of 20 children per batch participated in this program. The children were given academic, social support, Reliv supplement drinks and nutritious meal.

A mini library has set up to provide leisure reading materials and also academic revision books for the children. Two tutors provided by government were engaged to assist the children in their studies.

Electricity supply had not reached this village. The villagers use kerosene lamps and candles. This is a fire hazard. Consequently a generator set was installed by FHIM with free petrol subsidy to provide lighting at night for the children to study. Recently, electricity is supplied to the village.

The Reliv supplement drinks and nutritious meal helped the children stay healthy.

Educational Study Tour

A group of 8 children with 2 guardians were selected to participate in a study tour to Kota Kinabalu hosted by Cititel Express K.K Hotel in collaboration with FHIM recently.

A dream come through for the selected children as they were astonished and excited to step into city for the first time in their life away from home. It was a memorable study tour for them to learn so much about life in the city and ambitious to come back to equip themselves with skills training and academy courses when they grow up.