Kg Samparita FHIM Community Services Centre, Kota Marudu

FHIM started its first project in Kg. Samparita, a rural and remote village in Kota Marudu in 2006.  The village was selected because there was a need to uplift the living standards of the  villagers by upgrading basic infrastructure for the villages The village did not have access to clean water,  lack sanitation and most houses do not have electricity supply.   The villagers live a subsistence lifestyle and depends on  rubber tapping , gathering  rattans, rearing goats  and  poultry.  During the rainy season , the village being near the Bengkoka river experience severe floods and most activities come to a halt.

FHIM had focused on poverty alleviation in  the village for the last  7-8 years  through technical and vocational ventures and  Child Development Program.  Basic infrastructure  was also enhanced .  An old  balai  raya was renovated and  used as service centre  and a  part  time worker was employed from the inception.  In 2008 a full time field worker managed the FHIM community service centre.

A water gravity system was installed to supply clean water. 

Latrines were provided for the village through FHIM’s contact with relevant government agency. The road to Kg.Samparita was also upgraded by the government in 2012 and a newly built school SK Samparita Kota Marudu was opened in 2014.

Some of the villagers were given the chance to make a living on their own without handouts. They were given skills training on making virgin coconut oil. The product has been marketed since 2012.