Strategic Direction

For the period of 2016 to 2017, our vision and objectives remain the same and continue to place particular emphasis on:

1. Impact
The concept of creating maximum impact with minimum input (MIMI) in project development; as resources are invariably limited in relation to needs and requests; especially in this volatile environment.

2. Agent
The concept that FHIM is more of an adviser, consultant, catalyst, facilitator, co-ordinator and sponsor to uplift the livelihood of the community on a sustainable way; rather than a direct major participant in the development process. In other words, an agent of change (AOC) for the community (This is comparable to the story of teaching someone to fish, rather than just giving him/her fishes to eat).

3. Dialogues
The concept of having dialogues with the community to assess what they really want and be respectful of their opinions and wishes; rather than we are an expert in all and tell them what they should or should not do.


“Be an agent of change for the betterment of our society”