Virgin Coconut Oil Community Project

Virgin Coconut Oil Community Project

The  VCO  pilot  project started  in the year 2011.The objective is to help the needy becoming self supporting through income generating project. Training was given to a group of villages to produce virgin coconut oil on a small scale basis.In the beginning , FHIM  assisted with the packaging and marketing  of the product and the profits made  is returned to the  villagers.

In October 2011 Murphy Sarawak Oil through their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative part sponsored the FHIM VCO Production Workshop . Since then more villagers have joined the programme .They now have a source of steady income  due  to the sale of virgin coconut oil.

Virgin Coconut Oil  (VCO) Fund Raising Project

With effect from 15 th April 2017, all the producers of virgin coconut oil are free to sell to whoever and at whatever price they like so as to encourage them to do marketing themselves.

The story behind VCO fund raising project is to create micro-enterprise program for the rural areas folks in meeting one of our objectives which is to provide financial assistance, facilities and personnel to  conduct development programs designed to help the needy become self -supporting. This community project started in Kg.Samparita, Kota Marudu  will expand beyond in the near future.

The production process is under supervision by FHIM field officer .The VCO has been tested by a certified laboratory for optimum quality.  This edible oil is 100% hand cold pressed with No colouring, No additives & NO preservative.

According to some references, it may be one of the most healthiest dietary oil..



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Your contribution and support  will make a difference!